about company

During its existence, the terma company has gone from a small workshop to a dynamically developing company specializing in the production of heat exchange equipment. The secret of success is simple: we do what our customers need. Thermal exchange equipment terma is not only impeccable quality, but also competitive cost. We came to the market “seriously and for a long time,” and therefore do not seek to obtain a momentary profit: our prices are economically justified. As the analysis of competitors’ products shows, terma heat-exchange equipment is not inferior in quality to known analogues, and in some cases surpasses them in terms of operation, reliability, and energy efficiency.

Terma heat-exchange equipment assortment:

heat exchangers
heat curtains
All products are certified. The main value of any company is highly qualified personnel. All projects are developed in our own engineering and design office, whose specialists have deep knowledge and practical experience in designing and manufacturing heat-exchange equipment. Our masters have attestation for all kinds of work; we use all opportunities for continuous improvement of professional skills (technical training, internships at partner enterprises, etc.).

The production departments are equipped with modern high-tech equipment imported:

programmable nibbling complexes;
bending machines;
machine tools for different types of pipe cutting;
lamellar presses;
hydraulic and mechanical drills;
equipment for powder painting
The terma heat-exchange equipment factory has the necessary measuring instruments annually checked in an accredited metrological laboratory. All products at each stage of production undergoes a thorough technical control, which allows to minimize the possibility of a marriage. In addition, we work in close contact with testing laboratories and centers in which heat exchange equipment manufactured by our company is tested.

To develop a universal working design documentation, we need to present our technical project, task or questionnaire (the form can be downloaded on the website). No matter how difficult the task, our designers will necessarily offer a competent technical solution.

You have not decided yet where to order the production of heat exchange equipment? Then this information is specially for you:

research and design: we will offer an optimal technical solution taking into account all the nuances of TK and the features of the customer’s object;
production and supply: we will manufacture heat exchange equipment in strict accordance with quality standards and deliver it within the deadline specified by the contract;
flawless implementation of projects of any complexity: individual support of each order, technical advice;
service and guarantees: professional advice, warranty and post-warranty service.
We do not promise, but guarantee the quality of our products. The heat-exchange equipment factory is located in Fryazino (Moscow region). Need more information, advice from a technical specialist or manager? Contact us in any way convenient for you: we will definitely answer!